Ian Johnson hails from Chicago, IL and is a manager, photographer and videographer, as well as a powerful and creative social influencer. He currently manages an emerging trapstep DJ - RWDY, and is helping continue to build his way upward.

Additionally, Ian is driven, highly organized, and effectively goal-oriented. He has a passion for utilizing his expertise to generate unique and striking content for artists, brands, and companies. His main focuses are, but not limited to: portraits, products, and events.

Please contact support@ijpic.com if you are interested in acquiring direct quotes,  for custom prints, or for viewing further photos from various other collections.

For inquiries regarding headshots, portraits, events,  as well as any other opportunities or questions please contact ianj@ucla.edu. To inquire about booking or contacting RWDY music, please contact rwdymgmt@ijpic.com.

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